Our philosophy is deeply rooted in…


Each offering is handcrafted with love & blessed with intention.


We’re thankful that you have heard our call & trust us to fulfill your needs.


We believe in what we do & in making self-care a lifestyle vs. leisure.


From packaging down to the last ingredient, we ensure to bring nothing but Earth’s best (and what’s best for the Earth) into your home & being.


We stand by you on your journey to wellness & will continue to nourish your vessel & edify your mind along this holistic walk of life. After all, you are our Muse.


I've always leaned into creating things from scratch since I was young. but what made me turn to creating skincare products was seeing that there wasn't anything natural and organic that was affordable. Growing up with extremely sensitive skin, I knew the woes that came with not having a variety to choose from. It seemed like nothing but chemicals were flooding the beauty & skincare aisles. I was desperate to find a natural solution without the overpriced fluff  + nonsense. That’s when Alchemy Body Shop was born.

let’s connect and cultivate…

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