Shipping & Policies

+ Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

At the moment, we only ship within the U.S. Keep your eyes peeled for more shipping updates.

+ How is my order shipped?

Depending on what is purchased as well as the amount, you will either receive a bubble mailer or box. We know you expect to receive your order in tip top shape, so each order is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives to you safely, no matter which form of shipment is used.

+ Turns out my order was not what I expected. How do I get a refund/exchange?

We understand that everything we craft may not be suitable for everyone. We will happily accept refunds/exchanges of items that have not been opened/used within 14 days of receipt of your order. Shoot us an email at info@alchemybodyshop.com & we will be more than happy to walk you through the refund/exchange process.

+ Do you refund shipping costs?

Please note that we do not refund shipping costs or cover exchange shipping. You are responsible for paying shipping costs for your exchange, and we cover the shipping costs on our end to send you your latest offering.

+ When will my order ship/arrive?

Keep in mind that we are a small team who love to create your order fresh. Our little hands can only work so fast! Please allow a total of 5-7 business days for shipping & delivery. Once we ship it out, you will receive a tracking number via email.

+ I never received my order, what happens next?

We do not cover any cost once the item is no longer within our possession. Once it is scanned by USPS, it is their responsibility to get your order to you safe + sound. If you find that your order has been misplaced by them or stolen upon delivery, although we will not refund the order we will walk you through the process of filing a claim with USPS. Just shoot us a message over at info@alchemybodyshop.com so we can begin the process.

+ How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

It all depends on what bank you are currently with. The typical range is 5-7 business days for it to reflect on your bank statement.

General Questions

+ Why choose all-natural + organic?

We are so happy you asked that! Let’s fill you in on a little (not so secret) secret… our body absorbs 64% of what you put on it. Being that it is our largest (& most exposed) organ, it is crucial that we take care of it. Our body is our vessel, our temple. What we eat is just as important as what we adorn it with, so why not give it Earth’s finest? It feels good knowing + trusting that as we our taking care of our skin we are also nourishing our entire vessel. We will always be 100% all natural & organic, through + through.

+ Are your offerings tested on animals?

Absolutely NOT, beloved! Our belief is simple, our offerings are intended for human vessels-not animals. So why test it out on our furry friends?

+ What is the shelf life of your offerings?

Now, we know you love love looooove our offerings but NOTHING lasts forever! Could we use unnatural preservatives to extend their shelf life? Sure. But of course that would take away from the nature of it. We want to make sure you get the finest, purest ingredients in every batch that goes out. Each of our offerings’ shelf lives vary due to the dynamics of its ingredients. We list the approximate shelf life under each offering profile, but to give you a point of reference some offerings range from 6 months to up to 2 years (with proper storage).

+ Are you vegan?

As of right now, we have 1 (ONE) offering (the balm) that is currently not vegan. We are transitioning from a bee-derived wax to a plant based one, so stay tuned!

+ Can I use the body offerings on my face?

We would only advise using offerings like our Luna Body Butter, Anointment Healing Oil, & the balm on your lovely face! They all contain non-comedogenic ingredients (in other words, they don’t clog your pores!) Halo, Serenity Soak + Cosmic Dust are to only be used to cleanse & relax your vessel as a whole.

+ Can I use your offerings during pregnancy?

First, off: hurray for your bundle of joy! We know how exciting this time is for you & that you want the absolute best for you + your little one. We believe them to be safe for those who are currently carrying, however we advise that you consult with your OB/GYN before using ANY of Earth’s offerings seeing that they are not backed by the FDA.

+ Will my skin be sensitive to the ingredients?

That all depends on the current state of your skin! If you find that you are sensitive to most ingredients that you’ve used, it’s more than likely due to the chemicals that those products contain. Our offerings are chemical free, so although you should not be sensitive to them we definitely recommend doing a patch test (apply a tiny amount on a small area of your skin) with anything new you are introducing to your vessel.

+ I have a nut allergy, are your offerings safe for me?

Luna Body Butter contains shea nut butter & Halo Body Scrub contains both shea nut butter + coconut oil. Our Serenity Soak + Cosmic Dust contains coconut milk. We would advise that if you have a nut allergy to please be conscious of each ingredient listed within our offerings. We know that some nut allergies are more severe than others, + while this may be true, no matter how slight the allergy is we advise that you stay away from these offerings.

+ What about other allergens?

Currently, our offering “the balm” contains beeswax. Although we are transitioning this to a plant-based wax, in the meantime we ask that you please be aware of this if you have any allergic reactions to bees.

+ Will your bath offerings clog my tub?

The woes of a clogged up tub! We hear you sis, and we are here to tell you that all of that can be avoided! Shea nut butter & coconut milk/oil have a high percentage of fat. In time, this fat can start to build up in your tub/drain. A key way to avoid build up? After each use, just run hot water down your drain to help breakdown the fats + you’re all set!